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The value-added orientation of packaging design

packaging design, as a method of creating added value of goods, is pursued by most business operators and packaging designers. "Packaging is often more important than the products contained in it". This sentence takes Hengyu instrument electronic tensile testing machine as an example to illustrate the new meaning of the added value orientation of modern packaging. The historical evolution and civilized development of packaging tell us that packaging has developed from static storage in ancient times to modern circulation media, and has become a powerful weapon in contemporary market competition and the fourth asset of enterprises. Its functional changes reflect the dual functional attributes of modern packaging, material and spirit. The added value of packaging is increasing, while the added value of cultural and spiritual functions is improving. The function meaning has new content. This is the inevitable result of the development of science and information technology, as well as the development of products, sales and consumption

from the perspective of product terminal consumption: People's consumption needs are generally divided into three levels. The first level mainly solves basic problems such as food and clothing to meet people's survival needs; The second level is the pursuit of commonness, that is, popularity and imitation, to meet the safety and social needs. The consumption of these two levels is mainly the daily necessities and practical goods produced in large quantities, mainly the satisfaction of "things" and low value-added goods. The third level is to pursue individuality, requiring small batches and multiple varieties to meet the different consumption needs of different consumers. The first two levels solve the problem that people have me. The third level is to meet people's desire to be better than others. The satisfaction of this "knowledge" will inevitably lead to the demand for high value-added goods. Since the 1980s, many countries have entered the design era. The arrival of the design era means that the world economy is developing from a "material economy" to a "knowledge economy". In a sense, the design era means the era of added value

nowadays, a noteworthy phenomenon is that due to the development of science and technology and the arrival of the information age, the gap between the material products produced by various manufacturers is becoming smaller and smaller, while consumers are increasingly demanding products that meet their unique conditions. This requires that sales packaging design as a tool to create differences without differences, so that consumers can get the uniqueness of goods through sales packaging and obtain some psychological and emotional satisfaction, thus affecting consumer purchase and use of products. For example, in the cosmetics market, such fierce brand competition has led to more and more types of products. How big is the functional difference between products? People may not know it very well, but smart businesses know the graphene flexible transparent keyboard displayed at the meeting: packaging can turn boring chemical products into a panacea. In fact, what women buy is not cosmetics themselves, but self-confidence, heroism, youth, beauty and fashion feeling since July 2016. The rapidly established brand and exquisite packaging design can make the goods full of youth. The effectiveness of the exchange hydraulic system is related to many factors, such as youth, robustness, elegance, plumpness, neatness, strength and so on. You can make the goods flexible through packaging. Design can make you meet the psychological, spiritual and cultural needs of customers, so as to promote sales. This is not cheating, but the additional value that packaging design gives to goods. Another example is washing powder. Of course, it can also be packaged in a transparent plastic bag, but the packaging design can make the washing powder have the same washing effect as the mountain spring. In this way, people will get more satisfaction after buying

the added value of material function of packaging design still has important practical significance, which is mainly reflected in the value engineering of packaging design. It seeks the best corresponding proportion between function and cost, and obtains the greatest economic and social benefits at the lowest possible cost. It can be said that value engineering is a design method. In the coordination between the objective requirements of packaging, market requirements, sales requirements, material requirements, reasonable selection of structure and its elements and the life cycle of commodities, it is necessary to form the best mix and system optimization combination, so as to avoid the waste of resources and increase the invalid investment of enterprises. As the saying goes, "good steel is used on the blade", this is the truth. If the effective period of an edible product is one year, the selection of functional protection technology and packaging material process for packaging should also correspond to its life span, so as to avoid excessive packaging or too weak packaging, so as to obtain the best comprehensive benefits and win the market. Designers must have economic sensitivity and comprehensive knowledge to analyze the value of packaging design, so as to ensure that enterprise products can obtain the maximum effect with the minimum investment and increase the added value of products, so as to be welcomed by enterprises and consumers

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