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Functional characteristics of microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine

it is widely used and has many functions. It can carry out tensile, compression, bending, cupping, peeling, shear, n · r value, low cycle fatigue and other tests on metal, non-metal and composite materials

high performance load frame, portal force system frame, light weight, high stiffness, stable operation under high speed and heavy load

advanced mechanical transmission mechanism, toothed belt reducer with ball screw pair, the transmission efficiency is higher than 70%, the transmission is stable, and the noise is lower than 65db

the application of intelligent application technology of sensor, nonlinear correction technology, and full range measurement without gear division technology greatly reduces the nonlinear error of sensor, improves the accuracy and application range of sensor after experiment, and realizes the high-precision measurement of the whole machine. And the test program can automatically identify sensors, call different parameters according to different sensors, which is convenient to use and expand the scope of application

it can be used for constant load, constant displacement and constant strain experiments, with full digital control. It has three closed-loop control modes of load, displacement and strain, and can realize smooth transition without impact between the three modes during the experiment. In any control mode, it can slowly move the pendulum to the left to cycle and maintain control. PID control parameter adjustment is simple

the hand-held operator stops the pendulum from hitting empty for one time (no sample is placed)

the powerful startup self diagnosis system and perfect software and hardware protection. It can provide self diagnosis of the system, and can provide overcurrent of the drive system, overload of the whole machine, breaking and shutdown, limit protection of the position of the moving beam, watchdog circuit protection, over control deviation protection, etc

fine adjustment of the position of the moving beam, equipped with a manual controller, can ideally complete the questioning function

batch test. After the test conditions are set, a batch of sample tests can be completed in turn, and the test conditions and parameters can be stored. Reporter: please briefly review 1. 3 in recent years? 15. The main information of quality inspection activities can be called at any time

a batch of samples can be set at one time, tested continuously, and the experimental results can be statistically analyzed

the force, deformation, displacement and other measurement channels can be reset or restored automatically or manually. In particular, there are four ways to reset the force channel, which can realize automatic zeroing

stop and return, you can set whether the fracture returns to the initial position before the test. At the end of the test, it can return to the initial position manually or automatically (flexible material) at high speed

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