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Zoomlion: in 22 years, Zoomlion has developed into "four samples"

Zoomlion: in 22 years, Zoomlion has developed into "four samples"

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Zoomlion's merger and acquisition of Chery heavy industry has become another milestone for Zoomlion to enter agricultural machinery, which will help the company quickly become a leading domestic agricultural machinery enterprise and realize structural transformation and industrial upgrading, Agricultural machinery has become another profit growth force and business highlight of the company after the construction machinery and environmental industry

at the just concluded Summer Davos forum, as a typical sample of world economic development, China once again became the focus of heated discussion among the elites of global politics and business and has incomparable advantages over other ports. Behind this is the continuous improvement of the overall strength of Chinese enterprises and the continuous emergence of excellent enterprises in all walks of life. Zoomlion, the world's sixth largest construction machinery enterprise located in Central China after the implementation of the new national standard, is an outstanding representative

22 years ago, Zoomlion was just a hospital run enterprise with a loan of 500000 yuan and a daily income of less than 10000 yuan. 22 years later, Zoomlion has grown into a multinational enterprise with a total assets of more than 90 billion yuan. The 22 year development history of Zoomlion is actually a process of breaking the dual barriers of system and technology, crossing the threshold of internationalization, and finally condensing the four development samples through transformation and upgrading

samples of China's economic reform under system innovation

on February 26 this year, in a conference room of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, a seminar entitled "the power of samples: the development of mixed ownership enterprises" was being held. Zoomlion, as a "sample" of mixed ownership, was strongly recommended by the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission

sunchangjun, vice president of Zoomlion, shared five experiences in the practice of mixed ownership reform: innovation is the soul, norms are the premise, democracy is the guarantee, openness is the key, and promoting the sustainable development of enterprises is the ultimate goal

SUN Changjun's speech triggered a heated discussion among experts. Ren Yuling, counselor of the State Council, pointed out at the meeting that Zoomlion's mixed ownership development model has important reference significance for the new round of state-owned enterprise reform

in fact, it is not only the development of mixed ownership, from the start of scientific research institutions, to the restructuring of scientific research institutions, to the joint-stock reform and listing, Zoomlion has always been at the forefront of the times in terms of system innovation

on September 28, 1992, on a cement terrace of Changsha construction machinery research institute subordinate to the Ministry of construction in tongzipo Road, Changsha, Zhan Chunxin Guangya aluminum, then the vice president of Changsha Construction Machinery Design Institute, participated in a large number of well-known large-scale landmark building projects at home and abroad. In response to the call for the restructuring of national scientific research institutes, with 500000 yuan borrowed, Zoomlion was founded, And personally write the entrepreneurial couplet: "change the concept, change the mechanism, create a great cause of reform, grasp industry and trade, promote scientific research, and build a strong momentum"

"at that time, the central government proposed that 'enterprises are the main body of China's scientific research and development investment', which inspired me deeply and strengthened my determination to follow the path of industrialization." Recalling the original intention of establishing the enterprise, Zhan Chunxin, who is already the chairman of Zoomlion, said

Zoomlion thus opened the door to system innovation and became a typical sample of China's system reform

in 1999, Zoomlion was restructured into a joint-stock enterprise controlled by Changsha Construction Machinery Institute; In October of the next year, Zoomlion landed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, forming a relatively balanced equity structure; In 2006, Zoomlion completed the restructuring, introduced strategic investment partners to the outside world, and internally implemented the shareholding of management and key employees, further releasing the vitality of enterprise development; Subsequently, through a series of market-oriented operations such as private placement and listing on the Hong Kong stock exchange, Zoomlion became an a+h-share listed company composed of state-owned, employee stock ownership, strategic investors and overseas investors, and successfully established a modern enterprise system

the continuous drive of system innovation has enabled Zoomlion to realize the transformation from a state-owned scientific research institute to a mixed ownership enterprise, and also set a model for the industrialization of scientific research institutes and even the reform of state-owned enterprises

in Ren Yuling's view, the successful experience of Zoomlion has solved many problems in the past state-owned enterprise reform. Learning from Zoomlion, carefully summarizing Zoomlion's experience and further promoting it in the development of state-owned enterprises are of great significance to improve the mixed economy and promote the state-owned economy to maintain its vitality and status forever

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