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Zoomlion global three axle chassis longest boom pump car unveiled at BMW exhibition

Zoomlion global three axle chassis longest boom pump car unveiled at BMW exhibition

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Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. with the world's leading R & D capabilities, following the 80 meter pump car and 101 meter pump car, launched the world's longest three axle chassis boom pump car - the three axle 56 meter carbon fiber boom pump car, once again breaking the world record, Lead the development of pump trucks in the industry. In November, 2014, the 56 meter carbon fiber boom pump truck of Zoomlion third bridge was officially launched, attracting wide attention from the industry

concrete pump truck is a special vehicle transformed from the installation of boom on the car chassis, pumping system, electrical and hydraulic devices, etc. it uses pressure to transport concrete along the pipeline and pour it to the specified position. It is an essential equipment for modern building construction

Zoomlion is one of the earliest domestic enterprises engaged in pump truck R & D and manufacturing. In real construction, more prominent bridge length ratio, more stable pumping process and more energy-saving working system are the endless pursuit of global concrete pump truck designers. On the premise of meeting international standards and ensuring safe application, the chassis with the minimum number of axle bridges is used to carry a longer boom - this is not only the dream goal of pump truck designers in the overall design layout of pump trucks, but also the design ability of equipment manufacturers Comprehensive embodiment of manufacturing capacity

it is reported that Zoomlion third axle 56m carbon fiber boom pump truck adopts a Mercedes Benz chassis with high horsepower and strong bearing capacity, and can be configured with 180 square meters to create, modify and save automatic experimental procedures and parameters of the generous pumping system, which is more efficient than its peers. The maximum distribution height of the three axle pump truck is 56 meters, which is meters higher than that of similar products of the three axle pump truck in the current market. It has both the good trafficability of the three axle chassis pump truck and the distribution height of the four axle chassis. The pump truck has a wider range of construction site adaptability. This pump truck adopts a more efficient distribution system, which intelligently adjusts the pressure. The speed of the distribution system is increased by 10% and the driving capacity is increased by 30%. The adaptive variable power technology is adopted to adjust the power according to the concrete material conditions and working conditions, so that the engine can always work at the best load rate, greatly reducing the fuel consumption and improving the operating economy

the 56m carbon fiber boom pump truck of the third bridge adopts the patented technology of Zoomlion's unique intelligent bionic 6-arm, which effectively reduces the dead corners of the cloth. The opening height of the arm frame is reduced by 6%. There is no solid enough oven to complete the curing. The effective cloth height is increased by 15%, and the cloth range is increased by 20%. The arm frame is light and flexible for everyone to understand, with small vibration and stable pumping. The composite technology boom structure adopts the external connecting rod technology, which greatly improves the fatigue strength and stiffness of the boom end, reduces the lateral shaking, and improves the stability of the boom by 15% - 20%. By optimizing the structure of the boom end, the boom adopts through shaft connection, which has higher coaxial accuracy and reduces lateral shaking or lateral deformation. Zoomlion took the lead in launching the e-Bot electronic control system control technology in the industry, which makes the boom operation "follow the machine", simple and convenient, stable movement and high positioning accuracy

global patent endorsement star weapon

it is commendable that the birth of the three bridge 56 meter pump truck is inseparable from the global patent owned by Zoomlion - carbon fiber boom technology. The boom of the fourth and fifth sections of this pump truck is made of carbon fiber material, which does not crack and has a long service life. As we all know, the traditional high-strength steel plate used for the boom of the pump truck has the problem of fatigue cracking of the boom, limited service life, and uncontrollable welding quality of the boom. Zoomlion's carbon fiber boom is imported from Italy with original packaging. The boom components are manufactured by the same factory as Ferrari sports car. The world's leading carbon fiber technology can realize the boom "no fatigue" and no rust. The service life of the boom is as long as 20 years, which is much longer than that of the traditional high-strength steel plate. Through the introduction of CIFA's world leading complete process flow, the reliability of this pump truck is far superior to that of its peers

the sharp sword came out of the scabbard. As soon as Zoomlion zlj5331thb 56x-6rz pump truck was unveiled at BMW 2014, many customers came to consult and buy it. As a star product that can effectively bring benefits and create value for customers, this pump truck will become a sharp tool for customers to make profits in the increasingly competitive coagulation market to realize value-added services such as spot warehousing, logistics distribution and warehouse pledge

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