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Zoomlion Guwang harvester leads Hebei Sanxia wheat harvest

Zoomlion Guwang harvester leads Hebei Sanxia wheat harvest

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on June 5, in the endless fields of Beiyang village, Cheng'an County, Hebei Province, the harvester queue with Guwang tb60 as the pioneer drove into the wheat field "happily", officially opening the prelude to the Hebei Sanxia machine harvest and summer seed conference, It marks that the wheat in Yanzhao is fully sickling from south to north

machines roar and wheat straw flies. I saw several Valley king tb60 horsepower operating in the field, quickly harvesting wheat, like green elves who have a good harvest, dancing nimbly and quickly in the rolling wheat waves, leading the sickle opening scene with outstanding machine harvesting speed and effect, becoming a beautiful scenery

Guwang formation led the sickle opening scene of Hebei summer harvest

Guwang tb60 efficient harvest became a beautiful scenery of wheat harvest

on the same day, makers participating in the "Hebei division of the first China Agricultural machinery maker competition" also set out with the opening of the summer harvest curtain. It is understood that most of the agricultural machinery makers in Hebei competition area are local "machine harvest veterans". With rich experience, they chose Guwang tb60 upgraded wheat machine as the fighting vehicle to start this year's agricultural machinery maker journey with full enthusiasm

Hebei agricultural machinery makers are ready to set off towards victory

Zhang Zhiguang, who lives in linlibao village, Cheng'an County, is an old mechanic with many years of cross regional experience. This year, he signed up for the "first China Agricultural machinery maker competition" held by Zoomlion and became a glorious agricultural machinery maker. Some time ago, Master Zhang went to Nanyang, Zhumadian and other places in Henan Province for cross regional machine collection, and the income was good. However, due to the rainy weather in Henan in recent days, he chose to go north and return home in advance. "Just as the wheat harvest in Hebei has begun, I will come back early and do my part to rush for the summer grain harvest in my hometown." Zhang Zhiguang told me with a smile. Ensure and establish a long-term reliable and valuable partnership. "This year, I changed a Guwang tb60 wheat machine. This machine harvests fast and stably, which will certainly help me achieve good results in the agricultural machinery maker competition."

Zhang Liancai, director of agricultural machinery of Hebei Province, came to the sickle opening site to investigate the growth of summer grain and the machine harvest. In front of a Guwang tb60 wheat machine, he asked the machine operator about his income this year, and told the machine operator to pay attention to safety when working across regions. Research on thermoplastic elastomer products will be carried out with emphasis; After taking Huangshan Hualan technology company as the main company, Zhang Liancai encouraged the on-site agricultural machinery to reduce by 24.33% year-on-year, and the makers to give full play to their entrepreneurial and innovative abilities, showing the vitality and creativity of agricultural machinery workers to keep pace with the times, and wished the makers to achieve good results in the competition and win glory for Hebei

Zhang Liancai, director of agricultural machinery of Hebei Province, talked with Guwang cross regional machine operators

it is understood that during the third summer of 2015, the total amount of agricultural production machinery in Hebei Province will reach more than 1 million, of which more than 80000 wheat harvesters will participate in the machine harvest conference. At the same time, due to the gratifying growth and full grains of wheat in Hebei Province this year, the summer grain harvest is expected to be bumper again

harvest into the warehouse, this year is another harvest year after eliminating the cause of failure

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