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Zoomlion HZS180 concrete mixing plant won cmiic2016 "craftsman Award"

Zoomlion HZS180 concrete mixing plant won cmiic2016 "craftsman Award"

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on November 21, 2016, under the guidance of China Construction Machinery Industry Association and sponsored by Huicong construction machinery The cmiic2016 China Construction Machinery Industry interconnection conference and brand event sponsored by Shanghai Fengxian District government was grandly opened in Shanghai Nanjiao hotel. Relevant leaders from national ministries and commissions, industry associations and hundreds of industry experts, enterprise elites and users attended the conference, and jointly witnessed the magnificent performance of cmiic2016 China Construction Machinery Industry interconnection conference and brand event. Zoomlion, as a leader in the construction machinery industry, was invited to attend this grand meeting

Zoomlion HZS180 concrete mixing plant Rong summarized and exchanged research results, product information and on-site utilization experience in the field of oilfield chemicals, and won the cmtest4.0 software automatic judgment iic2016 "craftsman Quality Award"

in this year's cmiic2016 brand event, the award setting is divided into four major awards: Comprehensive award, machine Award, accessories award and post market award. Each award is subdivided into various awards, and the competition between awards is extremely fierce. In an extremely competitive environment with the participation of more than 2380 enterprises, Zoomlion HZS180 concrete mixing plant ranked first in the selection and won the "craftsman Quality Award"

Zoomlion acceptance speech

in the context of the high-tech era, especially with the advent of the Internet era, the social status of the manufacturing industry has been weakened to a certain extent. In the view of some people, from a small enterprise to a large country, it seems that innovation and creation should be emphasized today. It's understandable to emphasize creation, but it can't be at the cost of denying manufacturing. It's not like not to make China to realize the transformation from made in China to made in China. Moreover, the synchronous electromechanical drive of the manufacturing machine is the foundation of creation. Creation is a high-level manufacturing. Without strong manufacturing as a support, creation is just a castle in the air. As pointed out in made in China 2025, the manufacturing industry is the main body of the national economy, the main battlefield of scientific and technological innovation, and the foundation for building a country, rejuvenating the country and strengthening the country

Zoomlion always adheres to the development strategy driven by innovation, and fully promotes the process of products and technology. The innovation and upgrading of technology, manufacturing and services can be characterized by delay time; Make full use of "Internet +" to carry out all bureaus, so as to reduce the operating costs of enterprises and effectively enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Zoomlion hzs180/hzse180 mixing plant focuses on efficiency, reliability and environmental protection, and comprehensively improves its performance, quality, service and manufacturing. Its products have reached the industry-leading level and led the development of the industry

Zoomlion HZS180 concrete mixing plant

Zoomlion hzs180/hzse180 mixing plant has outstanding advantages: high efficiency - low customer operating costs, reliability - high concrete quality and environmental protection - industry-leading environmental protection performance, advanced equipment performance, exquisite equipment appearance, in line with Zoomlion's refined manufacturing standards, Zoomlion hzs180/hzse180 mixing plant has won a good market reputation in high-speed rail construction, new rural construction Play a role in urban construction, "the Belt and Road" and other types of engineering construction

the predecessor of Zoomlion is the former Changsha Construction Machinery Research Institute of the Ministry of construction. With more than 50 years of technology accumulation, Zoomlion is the birthplace of China's construction machinery technology. Inheriting the technical heritage and industry mission of national scientific research institutes, Zoomlion adheres to the scientific and technological innovation strategy of "high-end introduction, key breakthroughs, and comprehensive catch-up". Through the high-end technological innovation system, Zoomlion continues to overcome the worldwide scientific research problems in the construction machinery industry, launch many world-class products, and continue to promote the technological progress of the industry. It has been recognized as the first batch of "national innovative enterprises" by the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of Finance and other national ministries and commissions "National technological innovation demonstration enterprise" won the first national scientific and technological progress award in China's concrete machinery industry

Zoomlion creates an intelligent manufacturing back-end by strengthening internal control and big data mining and analysis, providing protection for overall operation and customer care. In the face of future opportunities and challenges, what remains unchanged is Zoomlion's belief in constantly exceeding customer needs and its pursuit of creating a first-class enterprise in the construction machinery industry, further enhancing its independent development capacity, and striving to build Zoomlion into a global manufacturing base of construction machinery

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