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Zoomlion forklift makes its debut at the international logistics exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Zoomlion forklift makes its debut at the international logistics exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil

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on June 30 local time, the biennial Brazil Sao Paulo international logistics exhibition CeMAT was grandly opened at the trans American Logistics Exhibition Center in Sao Paulo

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as a high-end exhibition in the logistics industry, this logistics exhibition attracted many world-renowned logistics equipment brands, including Toyota, Linde, yonghengli, Hester, Clark, Yale and other universal experimental machines, mainly mechanical experimental machines for measuring metal, non-metal and other materials. As a representative of the domestic equipment manufacturing industry, Zoomlion forklift truck made its first show in South America together with Brazilian agents, competing with world-renowned industrial logistics manufacturers on the same stage, which has attracted great attention in the industry

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this exhibition mainly displays popular products such as 1.8/2.5/3.1 ball screw 5-ton LPG forklift, 2-ton 3-fulcrum, 3-ton diesel, 2.5-ton electric pallet, etc. in the future, it will also improve and develop models suitable for the local market according to the market demand of forklift in Brazil. On the occasion of the exhibition, Zoomlion forklift truck also carried out return visits to local customers, listened carefully to customer feedback and made improvement plans. At the same time, the training room of Brazilian agent GTM also provided training on forklift maintenance, operation and other forklift knowledge to the participating agents. Through this series of activities, Zoomlion forklift truck showed the confidence and style of the enterprise to become stronger and bigger, won unanimous praise from the agents, consolidated the cooperation relationship between the original agents, and developed a number of new agents

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Brazil is located on the Atlantic coast of South America, with rich natural resources, a vast area and a large population. It is one of the countries with economic strength and super influence in Latin America. At present, there are nearly 13 million enterprises, of which transportation and logistics enterprises account for 7% of the number of enterprises in the country. In addition, as the host country of the 2016 Olympic Games, the construction of infrastructure has also brought strong demand for logistics equipment

Zoomlion forklift has won high praise from customers at this exhibition by integrating global resources, increasing technology research and development, and improving product quality. Jiang Ming, general manager of Zoomlion forklift, said: Brazil and South America, as emerging economies, maintain strong demand for logistics equipment. At present, Zoomlion forklift truck has basically realized its strategic layout in South America. Through this exhibition, we will sing South America and the world with better products, more professional after-sales service and more flexible financial policies

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