Functional composition and principle of the hottes

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The functional composition and principle of electronic load

electronic load can simulate the load (electrical appliance) in the real environment. Generally, the requirements for power supply are higher than 1. Manufacturers with stricter models of wedge-shaped jaw and flat push jaw electronic universal testing machine will use electronic load to detect the quality of power supply. It has many functions, which can adjust the size of load, short circuit, overcurrent, dynamic, etc. it should be said that all power supply manufacturers will be useful, but also must have. Electronic load is composed of resistance, inductance, capacitance, transistor and integrated circuit. The principle of electronic load is to give full play to the efficiency of measurement data and control the conduction flux (volume duty cycle) of internal power MOSFET or transistor. It is a device that consumes electric energy by dissipating power of power tube. It can accurately detect the load voltage and accurately adjust the load current. At the same time, it can realize analog load short circuit. The analog load is inductive resistance and capacitive, and the rise time of capacitive load current. First, in order to ensure the accuracy of impact testing and prolong the service life of equipment, many people are less than 60 years old. The debugging and testing of switching power supply is indispensable

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