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Zoomlion forklift truck Suzhou Lianming brand store was grandly opened

Zoomlion forklift truck Suzhou Lianming brand store was grandly opened

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at 9:16 a.m. on April 14, 2016, Zoomlion forklift truck Suzhou Jiangsu Lianming forklift Co., Ltd. held the opening ceremony of Longzhong. This opening ceremony is also the product appreciation of Zoomlion forklift truck and the appreciation meeting of new and old customers. A total of more than 100 new and old customers attended the day's event. Mr. Jiang Ming, general manager of Zoomlion Heavy Industrial Vehicles Co., Ltd., Mr. Pan Xianhui, chairman of Suzhou Lianming forklift truck, Mr. Li Wendong, general manager, Mr. Wang Xiang, representative of Jiangsu Dawson drilling and Mining Co., Ltd., and Mr. Han Daqiang, chairman of Suzhou Jujin hoisting Co., Ltd., attended the ribbon cutting ceremony. On the 14th day of the event, more than 30 machines were ordered on site, and the subsequent intended orders were nearly 50. According to the current market development trend, Suzhou United must strictly comply with the device requirements of instruments and equipment to stop strengthening devices. It is expected that the business goal of annual sales of more than 100 machines will be achieved in the whole year

Zoomlion forklift truck Suzhou Lianming brand store opened grandly

at the opening ceremony, Mr. Jiang Ming, general manager of Zoomlion forklift truck, introduced in detail the current product resources of Zoomlion forklift truck and its market prospects and planning in Jiangsu region, especially pointed out that after joining Zoomlion, the overall production capacity and product support capacity of the company have been significantly improved. In accordance with the strict requirements of Zoomlion headquarters on product quality, the company has made great efforts to improve product details and process technology, and paid high attention to improving the quality of supporting parts. At present, the company has introduced some existing high-quality supply resources of Zoomlion 3. Power connection and security ground wire. President Jiang said that through continuous efforts, the company will do a good job in the products and market, so that every customer of Zoomlion forklift products can feel the quality model and the quality concept created by Zoomlion

president pan and President Li of Suzhou Lianming forklift pointed out that they are full of confidence in the cooperation with Zoomlion forklift. This product tasting will further promote the communication with customers, let everyone have a fuller understanding of the products and service concept of Zoomlion forklift, and it is the beginning of good cooperation between Suzhou Lianming and Zoomlion forklift in 2016. At the event site, Zoomlion forklift products were neatly arrayed in front of the store venue, becoming a beautiful scenery. New and old customers observed and tested Zoomlion forklift products. Customers said that Zoomlion forklift products have great market potential. They are optimistic about it and hope to have the opportunity to seek in-depth cooperation

Zoomlion forklift truck Suzhou Lianming brand store long 7 (9) layer composite extrusion production line can produce better and thicker flexible packaging materials. At the opening ceremony, some detailed technical parameters of Zoomlion 1 were introduced in more detail by Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. to give back to the majority of new and old customers, and a big reward activity was held, especially for customers who ordered machines at the event site, All of them can enjoy special discounts and complimentary maintenance services, which set off an upsurge of on-site signing and purchasing machines, pushed this tasting to a climax, and also brought good prospects for the sales of Zoomlion forklift trucks in Jiangsu in 2016. In 2016, Zoomlion forklift will continue to integrate channel resources, strengthen terminal cooperation, and truly start from the interests of customers to manufacture products that satisfy customers

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