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At 10:18 on August 20, 2016, Zoomlion forklift Changchun brand franchise store held a grand opening ceremony. This opening ceremony is also Zoomlion Anhui Industrial Vehicle Company Jilin product appreciation meeting and new and old customer appreciation meeting. On the same day, some core customer representatives were invited to participate in the opening activities

the general agent of Zoomlion forklift truck in Jilin Province is reloading and opening.

Mr. Jiang Ming, general manager of Zoomlion Anhui Industrial Vehicle Co., Ltd., Mr. Sheng Yong, deputy general manager of sales company, Mr. Wu Bangkai, general manager of Changchun Ruikai Machinery Co., Ltd., Mr. Sun Dongsheng, Secretary of the 635 division of the State Reserve Bureau, Mr. Xu Bin, chairman of Jilin huazhan group Mr. mayuyan, general manager of Chengdu Meisong forklift Co., Ltd., participated in the event and delivered a speech

general manager Jiang Ming said at the opening ceremony that Zoomlion, as the world's sixth largest and domestic leading construction machinery enterprise, has made remarkable achievements in its business sectors, such as environmental sanitation machinery, crane machinery and hybrid territory machinery. 9. The electronic universal laboratory machine has the function of switching more than 10 languages. Industrial vehicle business has a high starting point, and equipment capacity, process conditions and technical reserves have laid a good foundation for first-class products; In the first half of 2016, overseas business achieved good results in the export of 1000 sets, with a year-on-year increase of more than 50%. President Jiang also said that from 2010 to now, Zoomlion forklift truck has gone through its sixth year. We have been working hard to make products. Everything is customer-centric, and we will never live up to the trust and support of customers

Wu Bangkai, general manager of Changchun Ruikai Machinery Co., Ltd., said at the opening ceremony that it has been four years since the company was founded in 2013. The company has developed from four people at the beginning to a large group of more than 20 people. From the sales of several sets at the beginning to the current members of the 100 sets Club of Zoomlion Anhui Industrial Vehicle Co., Ltd., it is the efforts of the whole company, It is also inseparable from the continuous support and encouragement of Zoomlion and customers. Changchun Ruikai company will make persistent efforts to refine the market and do a good job in customer maintenance and service

this product appreciation meeting further promoted the communication and exchange with customers, and made customers more fully understand the products and service philosophy of Zoomlion forklift truck. President Jiang personally communicated and introduced our products to customers, and listened to the opinions and suggestions of customers and service personnel of Changchun Ruikai Machinery Co., Ltd. on our products

all types of forklifts are neatly arranged in front of the venue

at the event site, Chinese customers will buy foreign products. A variety of products of Lianzhong forklift are neatly arranged in front of the venue. Customers have observed and tested our products one after another, and they are full of praise for our products. They have said that our products are very competitive in the market, and they want to continue to cooperate with us. To this end, President Jiang said that throughout 2016, Zoomlion forklift will continue to integrate channel resources, strengthen terminal cooperation, and truly start from the interests of customers to produce products that satisfy customers. (this article comes from Zoomlion on the effective collection of data)

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