Functions and characteristics of the hottest RoHS

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Functions and characteristics of RoHS detector

the spectrometer with excellent performance can screen the qualified and unqualified accurately, and compress the uncertain gray part to a smaller size

some spectrometers do not distinguish lead and arsenic, and the characteristic spectral lines of cadmium overlap with the characteristic spectral lines of Rhodium Electrode of X-ray tube. Often misjudge

some spectrometers are not sensitive enough to accurately determine cadmium

the detection stability of most spectrometers is affected by the aging of X-ray tubes, ambient temperature, power supply fluctuations, etc., which makes the values inaccurate

due to insufficient performance, misjudgment, misjudgment, failure to judge and other events may occur frequently, and the proportion of uncertain gray parts increases greatly. The consequence will inevitably be a significant increase in costs and risks during the K exhibition. Attachment download

some spectrometers have serious X-ray leakage, endangering the safety of operators. Even less desirable

(2) several key properties

electrode materials of X-ray tubes

at present, X-ray fluorescence spectrometers basically use rhodium target X-ray tubes, and some of them have tungsten target X-ray tubes

a. rhodium (RH) target: the characteristic spectral lines of rhodium overlap with those of cadmium; The emission intensity of rhodium electrode is not high enough to screen cadmium

b. tungsten (W) target: the characteristic spectral lines of tungsten are far away from the characteristic spectral lines of the five elements of RoHS, and there is no overlap of spectral lines; High emission intensity can improve the lower limit of element detection

rohs detector manufacturer product features

* energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis technology (EDXRF) is adopted to realize simultaneous measurement of multiple elements

* any number of elements from Na to u can be configured according to the user's application requirements

* any number of elements from Na to u can be configured according to the user's application requirements

* various measures are adopted to optimize the optical path design and configuration to ensure the detection efficiency of characteristic X-rays

* 50W side window X-ray tube is used, which has low power consumption and long service life. It is suitable for heavy and light elements. Materials: rubber, plastic plate, pipe and profile have high excitation efficiency

* the program based on windows2000/xp has rich functions, and various charts and trend charts provide the support of spring view of direct and small load for decision-making. Data can be directly output to excel for statistical analysis

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