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Zoomlion's high-end new products are coming

on October 26, Zoomlion brought its Guwang harvester, dryer, agricultural machinery, gengwang tractor and other mechanized products covering the whole process of agricultural production, with a total of 31 models blooming in 2015 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition

Zoomlion's many high-end new products became the focus of the exhibition

zs1354 tractor. On the day of the exhibition, Zoomlion brought the world's first high-end tractor platform and the first product - zs1354 tractor. It is understood that the platform is jointly developed by Zoomlion agricultural machinery North America and European R & D teams, together with a number of world's top high-end parts suppliers, in line with international standards in the field of R & D and manufacturing of complete machines. It is a new platform that represents the domestic leading level and synchronizes global technology

zs1354 tractor power system is strong and stable. 32f+32r four section power shift transmission is adopted, and Euro III and euro VI emission standard engines can be selected, which is cleaner and environmental friendly. The main components of this model are international high-end brands

Zoomlion zs1354 tractor redefines the high-end

Guwang 5lls-60 biomass pellet furnace, which is energy-saving, environment-friendly, efficient and stable

at present, grain dryers generally use coal, electricity, fuel oil and other materials as the combustion heat source, and the huge consumption not only causes serious environmental pollution, but also the use cost remains high. In order to change this situation, Zoomlion took the lead in launching Guwang 5lls-60 biomass pellet furnace, which can use biomass particles made of rice husk, straw, sawdust and other biomass particles as fuel, saving energy, environmental protection and higher efficiency

Guwang 5lls-60 biomass pellet furnace can provide energy-saving and environmental friendly clean energy for the dryer

it is understood that this product has a high degree of automation. It adopts PLC touch screen automatic control system, which can automatically feed, automatically ignite and automatically control temperature. The temperature rises quickly, and it takes only 9 minutes to rise from the ambient temperature to 100 ℃. The hot air temperature is stable. Under normal working conditions, the fluctuation of hot air temperature shall not exceed ± 2 ℃. High temperature and corrosion resistance. The furnace cavity and all hot air pipelines are made of high temperature and corrosion-resistant thickened stainless steel, so as to ensure its service life and safety higher than that of similar combustion furnaces. With good environmental protection and safety performance, low-temperature staged combustion technology, wind slag removal, water curtain dust removal, low emission of harmful substances in the flue gas, and only automatic temperature controlled hot air is transmitted to the grain dryer, without any fire source entering. It is the best substitute for traditional heating equipment. Low energy consumption, boiling semi gasification combustion and tangent swirl air distribution design make the fuel burn completely, and the combustion efficiency can reach more than 95%

users have a detailed understanding of the raw materials of biomass pellet furnace

Guwang CF50 corn grain harvester, and the frontier of innovative technology prospects

at present, in major grain producing areas such as the Huang Huai Hai Plain, mechanized corn harvest is accelerating the shift to direct corn grain harvest technology. Zoomlion is the first to launch Guwang CF50 corn grain harvester in the industry, which has played a key role in promoting the efficient harvest of corn crops. It is understood that this model matches the 160 HP national III stage electronically controlled engine, with strong power, high reliability and large torque reserve coefficient. The 5-Row 650mm row spacing knife setting header is adopted, which has less broken stems and high stem pulling efficiency. The single longitudinal axial flow drum threshing and separation device is adopted to improve the threshing elements, and the separation capacity is stronger and more thorough. It adopts 800 series drive axle four-wheel drive chassis technology, with good passing performance. Equipped with a central chopper, it can be sprinkled evenly and has a good effect of weeding. The new style closed luxury air-conditioned cab is adopted, the interior quality is upgraded, and the driving control is optimized according to ergonomics, making driving more comfortable

Guwang CF50 corn machine leads the development of domestic corn grain direct harvesting technology

Guwang harvesting machinery, comprehensively optimized and upgraded

Zoomlion's harvesting machinery and farming machinery on display this time also optimized and upgraded their products according to the needs of the market and users. Among them, Guwang 8000b large feed combine harvester mainly harvests corn, which is more suitable for direct harvest of corn grains. It can really realize multiple uses of one machine by replacing the header and harvesting soybeans, wheat, rice and other crops. Equipped with hydraulic driving mechanism and electric hydraulic control system, and adopting double longitudinal axial flow flexible threshing technology, it has the characteristics of low crushing rate and low loss rate

overseas customers "go deep into the interior" to find out

the bursts of "green whirlwinds" on the three summer wheat harvest battlefield have made Guwang tb60 wheat machine a star product boasted by people in northern grain producing areas. The new Guwang tb60 wheat machine is equipped with a 140 HP national 3-stage electronic control engine, and adopts a 920mm widened bridge and cleaning room. The conveying and cleaning capacity is enhanced, and the feeding and cleaning channels are more unobstructed. The machine operation has the performance advantage of "smooth, fast, and clean". Replacing deformation with displacement once failed to meet the experimental requirements

the new Guwang tb60 wheat machine will once again set off a green whirlwind of the summer wheat harvest.

as a domestic rice harvester that makes the pull rod be connected to the swing rod have R displacement, it is the first to adopt hydrostatic technology. Guwang PL60 rice machine adopts the double pump and double motor drive structure of international famous brands, which is more durable and more reliable in terms of export. The one bar integrated handle can control the lifting and rotation functions of steering, header, reel and grain unloading drum, which is convenient and comfortable to operate. When working in the field, it is more convenient to turn and turn around, and the operation efficiency is higher

as a full mechanization solution service provider of agricultural production, Zoomlion brings more excellent products to all production segments in the field of agricultural machinery, and provides farmers in China and even the world with a full mechanization solution on how to maintain the testing machine. In the future, Zoomlion will continue to provide users with better products and services

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