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Efficient cutting technology has become the mainstream of modern manufacturing

modern manufacturing industry is making great strides in the direction of "high-speed, precision, composite, intelligent and environmental protection", in which high-speed and efficient machining plays an important role. Among the many contradictions facing the manufacturing industry in the world today, efficiency is the most important contradiction. Practice has proved that only through the continuous pursuit of efficiency can we deal with other contradictions in places with low humidity economically and effectively

therefore, efficiency has been pushed to the most prominent position in the development of modern manufacturing technology. High efficiency cutting technology has become the mainstream of modern manufacturing, which is an inevitable development trend

in developed countries, high-speed, efficient cutting and reprocessable thermosetting 3D printing materials were born, which not only invested a lot of energy in technology development, but also made unprecedented progress in application and promotion. Every year, new technologies, processes and equipment, as well as new efficient cutting tools and various supporting technologies and facilities introduced for this purpose will be seen in the manufacturing technology and equipment market. It can be said that high-speed and efficient processing has become a trend of the development of international manufacturing technology. Tool geometry and materials have a significant impact on the machined surface, chip composition, cutting force and tool wear. In contrast, although high-efficiency cutting has shown good signs of development in China, it is still only limited in some industries and enterprises. The contrast between hot and cold is very obvious, which shows that China's manufacturing industry has not caught up with the development trend of the world on the whole. This situation, with the deepening development of economic globalization, means the loss of competitiveness, which is very dangerous

the development needs of China's tool industry, which lags behind the manufacturing industry but has not been widely used in China, are mainly reflected in the following: for decades, the production of standardized and universal cutting tools, clinging to the traditional development model, can not meet the modern manufacturing industry's demand for efficient cutting tools. This backwardness is a serious bottleneck in the development of China's manufacturing industry from large to strong

I once made a suggestion for the development of Chinese tool enterprises. Today I still want to say, "seek truth from facts, recognize the gap, and catch up with the level of developed countries through long-term efforts and hard accumulation." At present, China's tool industry is still in the imitation stage of foreign advanced technology: it is mainly to introduce a little technology and equipment, imitate some products, and it is good to replace imports. But in the long run, always follow others, there will be no day of success. The correct method should be the combination of imitation and creation, and follow its own path. The core is to master the operation concept and operation technology of a modern tool enterprise, so as to get rid of the fate of imitation and achieve their ability to organize various resources, invest in a goal and make a world

in order to speed up the process from simple imitation to the combination of imitation and creation, it is suggested that qualified enterprises should strengthen the learning of soft technology in the operation of modern manufacturing enterprises, such as hiring foreign experts, or strengthening the learning and mastering process in this regard through joint venture and cooperation

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