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High efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection - Delta precision air conditioner: the "Guardian" of modern computer room equipment

today, with the rapid development of Internet technology, the refrigeration system of computer room has become an important link in the infrastructure construction of data center. Delta precision air conditioning is an efficient, energy-saving and environmental friendly air conditioning system launched by delta group for the new generation of data center machine rooms. Since its launch, the product has been favored by industry users

recently, delta precision air conditioning has won the bid of Tianchang Power Supply Bureau, Inner Mongolia Chifeng Power Bureau, Hefei customs import and export processing zone, Cangnan County Labor and Social Security Bureau and other data center computer room projects, to escort the reliable operation of IT equipment in these data computer rooms

Tianchang power supply bureau is subordinate to Anhui Power Supply Bureau, which is mainly responsible for power production and supply within its jurisdiction; Chifeng electric power bureau is a power supply enterprise directly under northeast electric power company, which undertakes the power supply tasks of 12 banners (counties, districts) in Chifeng City and some areas in Liaoning Province; Hefei customs import and export processing zone is responsible for promoting the economy, optimizing the industrial investment environment and driving the development of processing trade; Wenzhou Cangnan County Labor and social security bureau is responsible for the planning, work plan and implementation of labor and social security undertakings in the county. These service departments are related to the national economy and the people's livelihood, and have a significant impact. Whether their core data room can operate safely, stably and reliably is of great importance

due to the high-density layout of modern machine room equipment, high calorific value and virtual environment aggravating load transfer, higher requirements are put forward for machine room air conditioning. At present, the air conditioning energy consumption of the data machine room accounts for more than 38% of the total energy consumption of the machine room. The precision air conditioning of delta machine room separates the cold and hot channels according to the characteristics of modern machine rooms, greatly improving the utilization rate of cold sources

the precision air conditioner in delta computer room has the following characteristics: high precision and high plastic, such as forced dehumidification system and electrode humidification system, have been increasingly used in many new fields to ensure that the data center is in the best state; High sensible heat ratio unit is adopted, and the sensible heat ratio range is 0.92 ~ 0.97; The design principle of large air volume and small enthalpy difference is adopted, which not only ensures that the air supply volume of the air conditioner can fully take away the heat of the equipment, but also ensures that there is no condensate in the machine room; Stretch after the delta is parallel; The air-cooled direct expansion air conditioning system adopts EC fans, which can save 30% - 49% energy compared with traditional fans under different air volumes

in addition, the precision air conditioning system of delta data room also has expert level diagnosis function, which can automatically display the fault content, and is equipped with monitoring function, alarm function, protection function, etc. Taiwan coal enterprises themselves should also take the initiative to adapt to the new normal. In addition to providing professional computer room air conditioning solutions, they can also provide Adu auxiliary air supply module and cold pool solutions according to the details of the data center, so as to reduce the energy consumption of computer room air conditioning in many ways

as a professional provider of precision air conditioning in data centers, delta not only provides efficient and high-quality air conditioning products, but also provides detailed and professional air conditioning solutions and high reliability, stability and economic air conditioning configuration selection, which fully meets the needs of the above projects. The company takes the interests of users as the premise, the quality of products as the basis, and professional services as the standard to solve the problems of machine room refrigeration for users in an all-round way, so that it can stand out in the bidding of multiple projects and win the unanimous trust of users

about delta group

delta group was founded in 1971. As a leading manufacturer of power management and heat dissipation management solutions, it occupies a world-class important position in a number of product areas, and has won awards from global mainstream financial media such as BusinessWeek, Forbes, and CNBC Europe. In 2011, the total revenue of the group exceeded US $7.1 billion

in the face of increasingly serious climate change issues, delta adheres to the business mission of "environmental protection, energy conservation and love the earth", uses the basis of power design and management, integrates global resources and innovative research and development, and deeply cultivates three business areas, including "power supply and components", "energy management" and "smart green life". Since 2006, the new global factory offices have adopted the concept of green building. Delta Taiwan until the pellet is completely broken. Nanchang is the first factory building in Taiwan to obtain the diamond green building logo certification, which saves 30% of energy and 40% of water resources compared with ordinary buildings

in the field of power supply and distribution, delta is a global leader in power management solutions, committed to providing enterprises with high energy-saving efficiency and reliability of power supply and distribution products, including power supplies for notebook computers, power converters, high-efficiency electronic ballasts, continuous current systems and DC power supply systems for communications and industry, data center infrastructure solutions and other products, in order to become the power source behind the competitiveness of enterprises

about Zhongda Diantong

Zhongda 20 years of gratitude to you

Zhongda Diantong was founded in Shanghai in 1992 and has maintained a high-speed development trend with an average annual growth rate of 35.5% since it began business in 1994, providing efficient and reliable power, automation, video products, solutions and services for Chinese industrial users (such as telecommunications, data centers, electric power, petrochemical, railway, industrial machinery, etc.). The market share of communication power supply ranks first in the country, and it is also a leading manufacturer of video display and industrial automation solutions

in order to meet customers' demand for high reliability, Zhongda Diantong has set up 41 branches, 50 technical service points and 12 maintenance points across the country. Relying on a well-trained technical service team, Zhongda provides customers with personalized and comprehensive pre-sales services and the most reliable after-sales guarantee

2012 is the 20th anniversary of Zhongda. After 20 years of intensive cultivation and the efforts of nearly 2000 employees, the turnover of Zhongda Diantong in 2011 exceeded 3.6 billion yuan. In the future, Zhongda will continue to innovate and provide industrial customers with industrial control solutions such as energy conservation, new energy, industrial automation and video

relying on the strong strength of its parent company, Zhongda Diantong has grown into a mainstream power system integrator in China. It is committed to the research and development and integration of power supply, management and energy conservation. It has a full range of professional power products and overall solutions with leading technology and excellent quality, and has won the high praise of many important customers in power, finance, petrochemical, communications, rail, government and other industries

Zhongda Diantong is a reliable industrial partner

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