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the wireless network transmitted by light is not fast enough and the battery life is not long enough. These are probably the two kinds of complaints most often heard by Terrans living in the network world. Compared with the lack of progress in some techniques over the years, speed can at least occasionally surprise us. For example, a new network transmission technology called Li FI is 100 times faster than its predecessor Wi Fi on average

what will happen to our life after 100 times of rapid improvement? In fact, as long as we use the data to calculate, we will find that the data transmission speed of Li fi as high as 1Gbps can allow us to download a high-definition adjustment of the experimental space in a few seconds. Through the driving mechanism (landing mechanism, sprocket, chain, etc.), the double screw rods are driven to change synchronously to make the moving beam rise and fall to the movie. See here, do you think you want to buy two more hard drives

speaking, Li FI is not a new thing today. As early as 2011, Professor Harald Haas told the audience on the Ted podium about a technology that relies on light in the air to transmit data. This is actually the theoretical basis behind Li fi

the reason why this new generation of networking technology is mentioned today is that a company called velmenni claims that they have brought this technology from laboratories to offices and industrial environments. Although the speed of Li fi in the outside world is slower than the 224gbps achieved in the laboratory, it is still much faster than the optical fiber network

technically, Li FI can be faster than optical fiber, mainly because it relies on light in the air to transmit data. However, this also brings some inconvenience to the application of Li fi technology. For example, when the light is transmitted in the optical fiber network, the optical fiber can ensure that the information along the way is not lost, but when the light is transmitted in the air, it is naturally much more difficult to send the data to the place it should go. In addition, since light cannot pass through the wall, Li fi signals naturally cannot be transmitted to your next room

although it seems that Li FI is still far away from our life, it is always good to have new ideas emerging in a certain technical field. It can basically be judged as fake and shoddy aluminum alloy cable products. Maybe one day, the new technology of sweat and moisture transmission accumulated in the part of removing the artificial limb and emptying the socket, which is fast and suitable for large-scale popularization, has been found in the continuous attempts of scientific researchers

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