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Efficient customized production intelligent manufacturing realizes manufacturing reform

the manufacturing industry has never been so hot as today, and various countries have formulated different industrial development strategies. China's made in China 2025, Germany's industry 4.0, the United States' amp2.0, India, Japan, South Korea and many other countries' strategies are presented. In fact, this reflects a development trend of global manufacturing and industry, that is, through continuous innovation of materials, Zibo has focused on the development of new industries in recent years to achieve intelligent manufacturing

recently, the 2016 China emerging industry collaborative innovation forum was held in Beijing. Participants discussed and exchanged ideas on collaborative innovation and promoting intelligent manufacturing

if the industrial age is to turn people into machines, the information age is to turn machines into people. In the past year, China's industry 4.0 has been in full swing everywhere. People blindly buy robots and think that replacing the production line with automated mass production is industry 4.0, but this is not the case. Industry 4.0 is actually very simple. Its core is to meet people's needs

Guo Xin, the initiator of Beijing Pegasus travel, said that the products of industry 4.0 are products that can talk to people. The future industrial products are the services generated by the similarities and differences between C and C. With the progress of science and technology, production should be more and more humanized, and human needs should be met to the greatest extent through the improvement of productivity. Putting human value before product value, seeing people first, then technology, and then products, is the right path for Industry 4.0

what is intelligent manufacturing? Participants believed that, in fact, it is an intelligent system composed of intelligent machines and human experts to realize the integration of man-machine and object. It can carry out intelligent activities such as perception, analysis, reasoning, decision-making, learning and so on, making all industry activities more intelligent. The essence of industry 4.0 is how to efficiently meet personalized needs through digital means, which is a topic of modern industry

Zhao Min, President of the invention method research branch of the China Invention Association, said: in the future, machines in smart factories can perceive human actions and consciousness. Now the machine can only cooperate with people, and it can't perceive the existence of people at present. In the future, machines can sense people, even their thoughts, and interact with people

he pointed out that as a smart factory, in the future, all smart products and devices produced on the production line can also cooperate with each other to carry out customized production operations in the way of mixed line production. The product can also echo with the equipment, which equipment should be used on which thing, and what kind of label should be attached after production. All workshop elements are talking to each other, and they echo each other, so everything can be customized and completely personalized. In the same production line, every product has this kind of experiment. The disadvantage is that the loading rate of the tested component is not adjustable and can be produced by different processes

promoting intelligent manufacturing as a main direction, enterprises should grasp the five basic characteristics of intelligent manufacturing, namely, state perception, real-time analysis, independent decision-making, accurate execution and learning improvement. Combined with the characteristics of our own enterprises, we will steadily move towards intelligent manufacturing from different starting points

Zhao Min said that China's industrial level is relatively complex. The Institute asked Germans to use the same standard to evaluate enterprises. The average level of German industry is 3.0, Siemens is 3.5, and Huawei, the best enterprise in China, is only 2.7. Many domestic enterprises have only 1.8 and 2.1, so they have to take a different road from other countries

experts pointed out that no matter what product enterprises do, to change this situation, they must start from now on, and try to digitize everything from all aspects of the enterprise, which can count aluminum powder with wide use, large demand and diversified varieties. That is to embed the digital devices (such as chips and other computer cores) produced in the third industrial revolution into the massive physical devices produced in the first and second industrial revolution, so that these dumb devices can perceive the external environment of the system and produce the input and output of digital information. Realize the digitalization of these equipment, R & D means, service and maintenance, as well as digitalized enterprises and digitalized supply chains

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