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The first Shangwei Art Village "artificial intelligence + artistic creation" forum was successfully held

on December 8, as one of the "creative December" series of creative cultural activities in Guanhu street, the first Shangwei Art Village "artificial intelligence + artistic creation" forum was successfully held. What is particularly noteworthy is that at this forum, Shangwei art family ushered in a special situation. Most of the strategic emerging industries are new members of material intensive industries. The "Ai creative art studio" founded and presided over by Liu Zhixiang, a national distinguished expert, was invited to settle in Shangwei Art Village, becoming an AI innovation practice base of Shenzhen Tsinghua Internet and AI Association

at present and in the future, artificial intelligence will become a hot topic. It is an important driving force for the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change. Accelerating the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence is a strategic issue for the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change opportunities. With the rapid development of AI, AI covers more diverse fields. Many technology companies, research institutions and artists have also begun to explore the combination of AI and art. The collaborative innovation of AI and art creation has attracted widespread attention

at the forum, nearly 30 Tsinghua entrepreneurs and returned experts and scholars in the field of artificial intelligence and art design from Shenzhen Tsinghua Association for Internet and artificial intelligence (Tai Association) gathered together to talk about the development history of artificial intelligence technology, AI film classic journey, Chinese and foreign art schools and other topics, and look forward to the future prospects of the next generation of AI deep learning and neural network and other technology enabled art innovation

the forum was hosted by liuzhixiang, the director of Shenzhen Tsinghua Internet and artificial intelligence association, the honorary president of Shenzhen returnees Association and a national distinguished expert. He and the guests delivered research and innovative views on the problems between artificial intelligence and artistic creation. When AI enters the art field, it learns the artistic style of classical artists through machines, and continues to create works according to certain logic, the relationship between AI and artistic creation, and the recognition of artists and artistic value need to be re understood and evaluated. Hu Xuelong, executive director of TCL venture capital, introduced their successful experience in investing in artificial intelligence Unicorn enterprise Shangtang technology and Cambrian, and analyzed the business value and development mode of AI and art collaborative innovation. The atmosphere at the event was one of the top 10 popular science and technology since the 1990s. Tsinghua entrepreneurs and overseas returnees experts and scholars expressed their views, raised questions from all aspects and held heated discussions. During the forum, the guests also visited the well preserved ancient buildings and characteristic museums in Shangwei Art Village, and actively offered suggestions on the future positioning and development of the Shangwei Art Village "the peach blossom garden of art, the Shangwei of the world"

it is understood that Shangwei Art Village on Guanhu street is a 400 year old traditional Hakka village in Shenzhen, full of artistic flavor, which everywhere reflects the perfect integration of modern art and traditional culture. Guanhu Street successfully introduced many artists and designers into Shangwei ancient village through the way of government setting up platforms and artists singing operas, and mobilized them to transform the century old Hakka townhouses, factories and other ancient buildings in Shangwei, so as to activate the ancient village with art. At present, Shangwei art village has introduced 30 artists and created more than 30 artist studios, including youlanfang art studio, zouwei art studio, Geng Junhua art studio, renjueshe art studio, etc. The scope of art includes photography, painting, sculpture, mahogany design, pottery, seal cutting, iron painting, wood carving and more than 20 kinds. The actual tightening process of the art exhibition hall has been affected by the friction coefficient, including Shangwei Contemporary Art Museum, domino exhibition hall, Hakka old house, Chinese iron Museum of past dynasties, Shangwei Art Village film and television base, etc., which has rich artistic and cultural resources. In the field of innovation in the study of art and technology, the environmental atmosphere of Shangwei art village seems to be particularly consistent. At this forum, the "artificial intelligence creative art impact testing machine, a testing instrument technology studio for measuring the impact resistance of metal materials under dynamic load", founded and presided over by the national distinguished expert Liu Zhixiang, was also invited to add Wai Art Village, a charming art family

this forum not only enables citizens and friends to have a deeper understanding of the relationship between artificial intelligence and artistic creation, but also allows the unique artistic atmosphere of Shangwei art village to collide with modern artificial intelligence technology. While improving the application level of artificial intelligence technology in art design, it also focuses on art development, allows technology to serve art, and allows art to improve the quality of life, Let citizens feel the vitality of development and the warmth of culture

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