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The delivery and use of the first asphalt mixing plant of Zoomlion reached the international advanced level

Jane sum, the global head of the cosmetics business of Zoomlion's first asphalt Kesi Chuang, said: Kesi Chuang is a high-tech polymer company with an innovation history of 80 years. The delivery and use of the mixing plant reached the international advanced level

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Praise: "buy satisfactorily, use safely"

recently, the first LQC240 asphalt mixing plant independently developed by Zoomlion Heavy Industry Research Institute completed the production of more than 5000 tons of asphalt concrete for the first project at Guiyang construction site, and officially delivered to users. LQC240 asphalt mixing plant, as a large-scale asphalt production equipment, is a modern equipment with completely independent intellectual property rights designed and produced by Zoomlion at present. All technical indicators have reached the international advanced level, and its "industrial ether" technology is unique among all kinds of industrial equipment at present. The equipment can mix high-quality asphalt mixture under various environmental conditions, with a production capacity of 240 tons per hour and a dust emission concentration of ≤ 20mg/nm3. It has the characteristics of easy installation, convenient operation, environmental protection and energy conservation. It is suitable for the matching construction of high-grade highways, airports, wharves and municipal roads

after the asphalt mixing plant equipment arrived in Guiyang, Zoomlion sent engineers and technicians to carry out installation and commissioning together with the user - Guiyang Hengjian company. It entered formal production in a relatively short time. Through the production inspection of more than 5000 tons of asphalt concrete, the equipment operated normally. The high-tech content, high quality, ease of operation and considerate service of Zoomlion mixing plant were highly praised by users, Repeatedly praised: "buy satisfactory, use at ease." The successful design, production and operation of LQC240 asphalt mixing plant marks that Zoomlion has reached a new level in the design and manufacture of large-scale equipment with international advanced level, which fully reflects the strong R & D and manufacturing ability of the company when the end of the steel wire rope is fixed and the rope clamp is adopted

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