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Jiangsu's first approved "dormant" enterprise

release date: - breakthrough in green pulping and pulp fiber 1-BODY industrialization technology, new solvent method cellulose fiber special pulp preparation and dissolution spinning solvent recovery industrialization key technology 14 source: Jiangsu, China

April 13, Nanjing Jiangbei new area market supervision and Administration Bureau handled the enterprise "dormancy" for Nanjing huiruitong Technology Co., Ltd. This is the first enterprise in the province to enjoy the dividend of "dormancy" policy

in November last year, the main chemical composition of fly ash formed after coal sintering was also quite different. In November, the State Council notified the seventh major inspection of the collection and transfer of some opinions and suggestions, and proposed to try out the enterprise "dormancy" system. In March this year, Nanjing issued the "notice on exploring the dormancy of enterprises in the city", providing a buffer period for enterprises to overcome short-term operating difficulties and giving enterprises more operational autonomy

Teng Hui, a staff member of the market regulation management office of Nanjing Jiangbei new area market supervision bureau, said that if the enterprise decides to suspend operations and no transactions occur during this period, it can apply to the market supervision department for "dormancy". A "dormant" enterprise shall not engage in business activities in the name of the enterprise, and the single "dormant" period shall not exceed 2 years. It may also apply for "dormancy" for many times. For "dormant" enterprises, the market supervision department will not include them in the list of abnormal business operations because they cannot be contacted through the registered residence when implementing the "double random and one open" spot check

Huicaihong, head of Nanjing huiruitong Technology Co., Ltd., said that the company was hit by the epidemic last year, and its operation was difficult. The rent problem brought great pressure to the company. Previously, huicaihong's husband's company had been included in the list of abnormal operations for some reason, and the bank refused to grant them loans. Hui Caihong has been worried that her company will be included in the list of abnormal operations after the standard configuration of rent withdrawal. "The company can take a rest after 'dormancy'. Once there is a suitable market opportunity, it can also apply for lifting the 'dormancy' and resume its vitality before starting." Hui Caihong said

Chen Hu, deputy director of Nanjing market supervision bureau and member of the Party group, said that at present, some enterprises are facing temporary business difficulties due to the impact of external environment, market demand, raw material supply, capital turnover and other factors, and need to take a short-term rest, suspend business activities and leave their registered residence. The "dormancy" policy leaves more room for enterprises to survive and develop, and can make enterprises better "wake up"

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